A flexible meal planner putting you in control, without the stress

Flexibility and ease of use were key factors when developing ThermoHub. Everybody’s lives are different our schedules are different and what we like to eat is different, which is why our meal planner is jammed packed with features you will love.

To make life as easy as possible for our ThermoHub members we provide meal plans for the coming weeks using recipes within the RecipeHub. These can be used in their entirety or customised to suit you and your families tastes.

Delete recipes that don’t suit and add your families’ favorites to the RecipeHub or use the drag and drop feature to move recipes. Add additional recipes to any day within the planner to complement your meal (think naan bread with your curry) or designate a day to do some batch or lunchbox cooking.

Once your meals are sorted you can generate your Shopping List with the click of a button. All recipes on your selected days or weeks will automatically be broken down into their ingredients and sent to your Shopping List, ready to go shopping when you are.

Keeping things simple,
organised and flexible

The flexibility of the planner is amazing! I have just created my first meal plan, generated my shopping list and it took just minutes to do, so so easy.


Stress free, adaptable meal plans to suit your timetable, budget and tastes.

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A flexible meal planner that
puts you in control, without
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