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ThermoHub was developed around two key ideas:

  • Flexibility – This means being flexible around you and your lifestyle.
  • Having everything all in one place – Meal plans, shopping lists, hints, tips and RECIPES!

The Recipe Hub is your ultimate recipe collection. As a member of ThermoHub you will have access to all current and future recipes because we keep adding more! We currently collaborate with over 25 Thermomix (and thermal cooker) bloggers and recipe developers to ensure we bring you the best.

You will never be left wondering ‘What’s for dinner?’ ever again. You can scroll through the Recipe Hub for inspiration, search by recipe name, category or use one of the many tags such as ‘30 mins and under’.

Any recipes you find and love can be added to your Planner or saved to MyHub which is your personal favourites folder. Customise your recipe lists, save your favourites and add your own recipes here.

Do you have a dietary requirement? Every recipe within ThermoHub indicates if it is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free or Nut Free and where possible ingredient substitutions have been suggested, to help cater for as many dietary requirements as possible.

You will see GF, DF, NF, EF when a recipe is already suitable for that particular dietary need or GF*, DF*, EF*, NF* when an ingredient needs to be omitted or substituted in order to make it suitable. Lower Calorie (LC) suggestions have also been included to help reduce the overall calories within a dish.

So many great recipes all in one place. Perfect.


An ever growing collection of the best Thermomix recipes, all in one place.

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