Wouldn’t you love your shopping list to be done for you?

With ThermoHub your shopping list is automatically created for you directly from your meal planner, saving you precious time and money. In fact, ThermoHub users are saving around an hour a week and up to 25% off their grocery bills!

ThermoHub is designed so everything links together, your recipes, meal planner and shopping list. You have access to your shopping list from anywhere within ThermoHub so you can add things as you think of them, right where you are, without leaving the page.

Flexibility was a core factor when ThermoHub was designed and this included your shopping list. You can easily adjust the quantities of any ingredient, add your own items and delete ingredients you already have at home. You can also generate your shopping list for the week, month or just a day or two, it is completely up to you.

The shopping list is interactive making it a breeze to shop directly from your smart phone or print or email it if you prefer. The shopping list is ‘intelligent’, meaning all ingredients and their totals are cumulative. You will only see each ingredient listed once, with the totals changing if the same ingredient is used in another recipe.

A complete and personalised shopping list done in minutes!

Getting organised has never
been so easy!

How easy is this shopping list to create and use! I click a button and it is there, chuck my phone in my bag and that’s it – shopping list done!


An interactive and personalised shopping list, created with the click of a button.

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