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11 Time and money saving tips for the Thermomix kitchen

11 Time and money saving tips for the Thermomix kitchen

How can you save time and money with your Thermomix?

Your Thermomix is a time and money saving machine if you use it properly. There are countless ways it can help you, here are some neat tricks to help you both with your Thermomix and cooking in general.

1.) Reduce washing up

When you’re swapping from one dish to another, often you don’t need to wash the bowl! If you’ve made a curry and then you are wanting to steam the rice, keep any leftover juices in the bowl and add water – your rice will be lightly fragranced.   – Tip from Alyce Alexandra

2.) Prepare ahead of time

If there is a recipe that you make daily (e.g. a smoothie or the like), prepare snaplock bags or containers of them at the beginning of the week so that you can just tip them into the Thermomix when you need them. – Tip from The4Blades

This goes for anything else too such as spaghetti bolognese, curries, pizza bases etc.

3.) Soften your butter without melting it

Need to soften your butter but don’t want to melt it? Fill a glass with boiling hot water and allow it to heat through. Tip the water out and place the glass over the top of your butter and Presto! You have softened butter in minutes.

4.) Store your cakes upside down

This is a simple and clever idea from Angela Cantelo. She always stored her cakes upside down and never thought anything of it until a friend told her what a clever chicken she was!

5.) Make stock with sad veggies

If you have vegetables that are close to being thrown out, or if you are going away and have vegetables that will go off before you get back from your travels, whip up some stock paste and freeze it for later so it doesn’t go to waste.

6.) Meal Plan!

Work out what meals your family will eat for the week and shop accordingly. ThermoHub makes this simple by providing customisable meal plans you can generate your shopping list from. By meal planning you don’t end up buying extra at the supermarket plus you ensure food doesn’t go to waste.

Try ThermoHub for 99 cents for 2 weeks here.

7.) Use all the food in puree

When a recipe is going to completely blend fruit to a puree, don’t worry about peeling or coring it. You’ll get more nutrients, a little more fruit and it won’t change the texture or taste. It saves both time and money!

8.) Keep unused herbs in a jar of water

This keeps them fresh for longer.

9.) Store your Thermomix on a board

Storing your Thermomix on a board makes it easy to move. If you put felt dots on the bottom of the board it slides even easier.

10.) Clean your Thermomix and deodorise your home at the same time

Make some lemon or orange zest, followed by juice, then clean your Thermomix. It’ll deoderise both the Thermomix and your home! Check out how here.

11.) Prevent dust when milling

Place a piece of paper towel over the top of the lid before inserting the measuring cup, then insert the measuring cup over the paper.

What tips and tricks help you save time and money with your Thermomix? Check out anoter 5 ways to save money here!

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