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5 ways to save money with your Thermomix

5 ways to save money with your Thermomix

What can you do to save money with your Thermomix?

Here are some top tips to help you, including a few from your favourite Thermomix bloggers!

1.) Meal Plan!

Almost every Thermomix blogger, mother, money saving expert and Thermomix consultant said meal planning was their number one way to save money, especially on groceries. ThermoHub makes it beyond easy for you by providing weekly, customisable meal plans which allow you to delete recipes, add your family favourites, then generate a personalised shopping list based on your meal plan, with the click of a button! You can check ThermoHub out using our special deal for just 99 cents for 2 weeks here.

When asked for their top tip, The4Blades said: “Meal plan! When we meal plan we can easily save about $200 a month. We recorded a whole podcast about the process we used (and the benefits!) here.”

2.) DIY yoghurt!

Making your own yoghurt was another popular suggestion. It’s easy to do in your Thermomix and can be used for breakfast or in loads of recipes.
Alyce from Alyce Alexandra said: “Make your own yoghurt! Making 1L of organic yoghurt costs me no more than $3.50, yet to buy that would cost me nearly $10. If your family loves their yoghurt, those savings really add up over time! If you prefer the flavoured varieties, simply stir through a fruit puree or sweetener of choice to your finished yoghurt. A berry jam made in the Thermomix can be double-purposed as a delicious yoghurt flavouring.” 

3.) Use it for sterilising baby bottles

Kristy, a Thermomix consultant offered this gem.
“My tip is if you own a Thermomix and are having a baby you don’t need to buy a steriliser. You can sterilise your bottles, dummies and breast pump inside your Varoma dish. No need for a bulky steriliser sitting on your bench taking up space. Another reason I love my Thermomix.”

4.) Fakeaway (make your own takeaway!)

Owning a Thermomix makes it so easy to prepare takeaway ahead of time such as butter chicken, pizza, garlic bread and pad Thai. Many recipes can be cooked ahead of time then reheated on a night you cannot be bothered. Many families spend $50 to $120 on takeaway for 1 meal! For ideas, check out our Facebook page where we share regular Fakeaway options.

5.) Make your own allergy friendly foods

Almond milk, almond meal, stock, peanut butter and other foods which can be expensive if bought from health food stores are half the price with your Thermomix. Make them yourself and save!

How do you save money with your Thermomix? Also check out our 11 time and money saving tips!


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