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7 ways to use up an abundance tomatoes

7 ways to use up an abundance tomatoes

Every week, without fail, there are boxes of tomatoes at my local markets. They are ridiculously cheap, often under $5 and yet I hardly see anyone purchase them. Tomatoes are extremely versatile and if you learn to make things yourself using your Thermomix, you can save a lot of money on prepackaged sauces or tomato based meals.

Tomato sauce or chutney

The first recipe that springs to mind to tomatoes is tomato sauce, closely followed by a tomato chutney or relish. Each recipe uses similar ingredients, but is cooked in different ways. A basic Passata sauce is the easiest, requiring only tomatoes, salt, garlic and oil. Chutneys and relishes have vinegar, sugar, onion, spices and other ingredients, many of which can also be purchased cheaply in boxes.

Tomato paste

Tomato paste requires more tomatoes than the sauces but it provides wonderful flavour to many meals. Make a batch then freeze it in ice cube trays. Once frozen place the tomato paste cubes in an air tight container or ziplock bags and use as needed.

Tomato soup

Plain roasted tomato soup is delicious on its own or with bread made in your Thermomix. It’s not the only tomato based soup you can make though Try tomato and zucchini soup, tomato and pumpkin or extend it to a minestrone soup.

Pasta sauce

Take the tomato sauce a step further, add a bunch of vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini, carrot, spinach and capsicum for a delicious pasta sauce. You can add lentils for a vegetarian or use mince for the meat lovers in your life. Freeze it and use it on a night you don’t feel like cooking.


A delicious lentil and tomato based curry which is easy to make and freezes well is a great option for using up tomatoes. It makes a great entree, serve it with naan bread or add other vegetables and meat if you like.

Cheese and tomato scrolls

Slice up tomatoes and layer them with cheese instead of ham for delicious scrolls. They can be frozen and make a great alternative to a sandwich in your children lunchbox.

Tomato risotto

While all of the other recipes have been suggested as ones you can make ahead and freeze or use to preserve tomatoes, risotto is a great option for dinner tonight. Tomato risotto is often rich and creamy. You can serve it on its own, turn it into arancini balls to have with salad or add meat such as salami for a different flavour.

What do you do with your tomatoes?

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