ThermoHub came to life across a friends kitchen bench – there may or may not have been wine involved. Both working mothers, Thermomix lovers and lovers of life we started chatting about how we could have more time to be enjoying it, rather than organising it.

It kind of went like this:

Kathryn (that’s me): “There needs to be way to make feeding everybody, everyday easier.”

Friend: “Yeah I know! How good would it be to have everything you need all in one place. I find heaps of good stuff and then can’t remember where I’ve seen it!”

Pondering further, we imagined what this thing would do for us:

  • It will have everything all in one spot
  • Do the thinking work for us
  • Do a meal plan, but allow us to customise it
  • Have a wide range of recipes to keep it interesting
  • Do our shopping list (we were really getting into it by this stage)
  • Add our own recipes and cool stuff we find
  • Be able to use it on our phones (we have them with us all time!)

There may or may not have been more wine taken at this point.

A year later that idea has become a reality. The best Thermomix recipes ARE all in one place and we will keep adding more. There is a flexible meal planner where the thinking has been done for you but you still have control. A shopping list is automatically generated and the best bit is that it is mobile friendly and interactive.

ThermoHub is going to make your life so much simpler and help you get the most out of your Thermomix. We recognise how hard it is to do it all, to be on the go all the time and then, dare I say, get the occasional bit of time for yourself. We want to help take the load off, connect you with the best bloggers and their recipes with the click of a button and we want to do the thinking for you.

The best way to really see what ThermoHub is all about is to check it out for yourself. Make use of the 2 week trial for 99 cents – that is what it’s there for. There is nothing to lose and time, money and energy to gain.

This is just the beginning of making meal time easy and exciting again.

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