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Calorie Controlled Approach to Christmas

Calorie Controlled Approach to Christmas

The Silly Season is all but upon us! Along with the craziness of presents and Christmas crowds, those of us who have been watching our waist lines often have a little freak out at this time of year. We have even been known to throw our hands up in the air and declare “Stuff it (not talking about the turkey!), I’ll get back on track on the new year!”

January 1st  however, is a looooonnnnng time away and if we don’t make a few smart choices between now and then, I dare say January 1st ain’t gonna be pretty.

 Never fear, we have a plan! To make it easy, our December meal plan includes a calorie controlled approach to Christmas.

So in early December, before the social events really kick into gear, we have included a variety of options. Then with your hips in mind, from 10th December onwards, we’ve selected meals that are 350 calories or less and simple to prepare.

If you are going out for dinner, you can simply have these meals for lunch instead. By keeping two of your daily meals lower in calories, it gives you more food flexibility whenever you are out shaking it with Santa!

With the added ability to mix and match the recipes on your planner, you can cater for everything! From fussy taste buds to dietary requirements, all with the click of a button!

How do I get my hands on this meal plan I hear you asking?


If you are already a ThermoHub member, head to your planner. As a bonus, you will also find a few Christmas and NYE meal planning ideas. In the week between Christmas and New Years we have included recipes that can easily be adapted, to help you use up your leftovers!

Not yet a member?  Never fear – we have a deal for you! You can check ThermoHub out, with full access for 2 weeks, for just 99 cents!

For less than a dollar, you can have your meals planned, calories kept in check and everything at your finger tips.

Oh and have I mentioned that your meal plans come with complete and customisable shopping lists? Talk about easy! The huge time savings are worth it alone!

What You Get with ThermoHub this Christmas

1. A Calorie Controlled approach to Christmas
2. Meal Plans
3. Complete and personalised shopping lists
4. Christmas and NYE meal planning ideas
5. Recipes to help use your leftovers after the big day
6. Plus all the usual ThermoHub features, including access to over 1000 recipes, the ability to add recipes from ANYWHERE to build a personal collection, complete flexibility, mobile friendly and huge time savings!


Checkout ThermoHub now for just 99 cents.



Lighten your load, let us do your meal planning and take advantage of a calorie controlled approach to Christmas.

Wishing you the merriest of Christmas’






“Absolutely love Thermohub!! Where have you been all my Thermomix life… Great little organising tool with so many awesome recipes” Kirri


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Is this in Australian dollars especially the future payments?

- December 11, 2017 at 7:49 am Reply

Hey Keralyn, it is indeed in Aussie dollars 🙂 Where are you located?

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