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Whilst some of the recipes represented in ThermoHub have been cooked for family and friends they have not been tested. All recipes are undertaken at the individual’s own discretion/risk. It is the individual’s sole responsibility to determine the safety and likelihood of injury/damage as a result of but not limited to, increasing recipe quantities, overloading the appliance and not using the appliance in a manner compliant with the manufactures instructions. Please consult your user manual and safety guidelines before cooking any recipe. In the event that damage occurs to an individual’s property, person or members of the household whilst undertaking any recipes, ThermoHub will not accept responsibility for any damages.

Please be aware that ThermoHub is not associated or working with nutritionists, dieticians or chefs. ThermoHub is not qualified to give you any food or health advice and strongly recommends that you seek professional guidance for your individual needs. The tagging of recipes as being Gluten Free (GF), Diary Free (DF), Egg Free (EF), Nut Free (NF) and Lower Calorie (LC) is aimed to assist individuals, not take responsibility for making informed choices that suit their personal needs. The individual is solely responsible for ensuring that ingredients and recipes used are compliant with personal dietary requirements. ThermoHub does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, or reliability of these tags on its website or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site. The use of the phrase Lower Calorie is not intended to be linked with weight loss or claims thereof, again this is a guide to assist individuals to make their own informed choices.

Nutritional Policy

Whilst meal plans and dietary hints and tips have been included as part of the ThermoHub site, it is important to note that ThermoHub is NOT qualified to give nutritional advice and the meal plans and the tips provided have NOT been overseen by a nutritionist or dietician. Individuals are strongly recommended to seek professional guidance for their individual needs.

ThermoHub cannot guarantee the accuracy of the dietary tags used   – Gluten Free (GF), Dairy Free (DF), Lower Calorie (LC), Egg Free (EF), Nut Free (NF). These are offered in a non-professional capacity, aiming to assist individuals (not take responsibility for) making informed choices that suit their personal dietary needs. It also does not take into account that each individual ingredient within a dish may have been in contact with gluten, dairy, egg or nut products, depending upon where or how it has been produced and packaged.  It is the individual’s sole responsibility to ensure that all ingredients meet their dietary requirements.

An asterisked tag, such as GF* denotes that a dish is not Gluten Free but may be by substituting or omitting ingredients. ThermoHub cannot guarantee the accuracy or the results of following these suggestions.

Lower Calorie suggestions points individuals to lower calorie alternatives for the same or similar product. These therefore, are not necessarily low in calories. Following these suggestions will not necessarily mean that an individual is eating a low calorie diet.  Again, ThermoHub strongly recommends individuals seeking professional guidance for all health and dietary needs.

ThermoHub welcomes all questions in relation to this policy. Please direct your emails to marked to the attention of The Nutritional Policy Officer.