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My first week with my Thermomix

My first week with my Thermomix

I recently spent my first week with my Thermomix. To be honest while it was exciting the thought of it all was also a little daunting. I decided to approach it with the moto Keep It Easy, Keep it Simple, Keep it Fun!

Lucky for me I already had ThermoHub up my sleeve, so I knew how easy and simple meal planning and finding recipes would be. By far my favourite feature of using ThermoHub was the personalised shopping list which I could open on my phone and cross off the list as I shopped!

On the advise of my friend I lined up 6 simple, quick and easy recipes. Starting with stock paste through to risottos, pasta bakes, fried rice and zoodle soup. As a busy mama I wanted to make fast and nutritious meals that my kids would love!

Here is what I made

Sknnymixer’s Stock Concentrate (Vegetable)

By far the most daunting for my (maybe it was the word concentrate lol), however I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and simple this was to make! And amazingly delicious!


Lemon Chicken and Rosemary Risotto by ThermoOMG

I love anything lemon flavoured so really couldn’t wait to give this one a go. It was amazing. Bowls were licked clean! I added some grilled prosciutto on top for something a little extra – OMG indeed!


Thermomix Fried Rice by Quirky Cooking

I was pretty sure it would be a hit and I was right! My kids gulped this down and asked for more. Lots of veggies and so quick and easy. This will definitely be a regular meal for us. I was able to freeze half for a super quick meal the following week!


Skinnymixer’s Chicken Zoodle Soup

Devoured this so quickly I forgot to take a pic! It was my  favourite meal I made by far. So full of flavour you would think it had been prepared and made hours, even days before! Will be on repeat in my kitchen.

Keto Tuna Mornay with Salty Bacon by Mad Creations

I made this on a night I was babysitting my friend’s kiddies. Her kids asked for second and third helpings, my kids wouldn’t touch it! You can’t win em all! I left off the salty bacon and served over penne pasta to make it easy for the kids. Very tasty.


Thermomix Beef Risotto by The Annoyed Thyroid

I wanted to make something my kids would love but that was a little different. This was the perfect mix between spag bol (always a kid fav) and risotto. The kids kept telling me it was delicious and asked for more. There was so much that I froze half for an easy dinner later in the week.


All up my first week with my Thermomix was exactly what I hoped for. Easy, Simple, Fun! ThermoHub made it so easy giving me access to an amazing range of recipes, pre-prepared meal plans (which I am now using each week with ease) and my personalised shopping list! I am definitely loving the Thermie life!

We would love to hear your experiences with “My first week with my Thermomix”! Share your stories in the ThermoHub facebook group!

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