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How to eat healthy on a budget as a Thermomixer

How to eat healthy on a budget as a Thermomixer

Are you a Thermomixer and have succumbed to the dreaded ‘Thermo Thighs’? Or are you spending a fortune trying different diets with your Thermomix and feel like you are getting nowhere? You can eat healthily, on a budget. In fact, being a Thermomixer and using a meal planning service like Thermohub can reduce your groceries by 25%, help you keep on track, reduce food wastage and give you ideas for healthy meals to try. Try ThermoHub for just 99cents for 2 weeks.

How to eat healthily on a budget

1.) Shop at markets, in season

Buying produce from farmers markets which is in season is fresher and cheaper than buying elsewhere. Often you can buy whole boxes of fruit and vegetables for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them at the supermarket. Make your meal plan based on what is in season or use the ThermoHUb meal plan to help you.

2.) Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk can save you significant amounts of money, but make sure you shop around. Items such as spices, nuts, seeds and lentils are often cheaper bought in bulk plus they last a long time if stored correctly. Look at what you use a lot of or will need a lot of if you are changing the way you eat and find the most economical way to buy it. As a Thermomixer you can turn almonds into almond flour for half the price of store-bought, turn dessicated coconut into coconut flour, create your own spices mixes from bulk spices and save yourself thousands. Check out our video below to see how.

3.) Try recipes with similar ingredients around the same time

When switching up your eating, see what recipes you want to try then group them into similar ingredient lists. This way you can purchase the ingredients, try the recipes and hopefully not waste any of the ingredients you don’t normally buy.

4.) Portion size

You don’t have to say no to foods you don’t want to (unless advised by a health professional or you avoid foods because you are allergic). Eat foods in their correct portion sizes instead of whatever fits on your plate. If you happen to get your hands on a dinner plate from 50 years ago you will be surprised how much smaller many plates were then. Plate sizes have increased along with portion sizes. 

You don’t need to starve yourself, instead learn what portion sizes actually are and stick to them.

5.) Everything in moderation

Along with portion sizes, don’t feel like you need to deprive yourself. Most weight loss plans have cheat days or recommend having some of the foods you love but limiting how often you have them and increasing exercise when you eat them.

6.) Find what works for you

Different health conditions can be significantly improved or even cured completely in different lifestyle plans such as Low Carb, High/Healthy Fat (LCHF), Paleo, Raw, Auto Immune Protocol Diet, Slow Carb Diet and more. Whatever you decide to try, commit to it for the recommended time, do not chop and change between the diets or you will spend a lot of money, waste food, waste time and mess with your metabolism.

How do you eat healthy on a budget? Check out our 8 top tips for Thermomix Meal Planning on a Budget!

Try ThermoHub today for just 99cents for a 2-week trial. Get customisable weekly meal plans, generate your shopping list easily from your meal plan, save recipes you love from anywhere online and try the recipes in the hub.

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