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How to quickly make back the cost of your Thermomix

How to quickly make back the cost of your Thermomix

Your Thermomix is an investment and while it might cost a fair bit at the start, if used well it can quickly save you significant time and money.

1.) Make your own takeaway

You can easily spend $50 to $100 on takeaway such as pizza or Thai food for a family of 4. Instead of buying it, you can quickly make your own with your Thermomix. Pizza dough is easy to make and can be made on a Thursday then wrapped and stored in the fridge for Friday night. It’s quicker to roll out dough, add your toppings and bake it than it is to get a pizza made and delivered.
The dough costs around $1.00 to make and it should only be a few dollars total per pizza, depending on toppings. With a dash of sauce, a handful of cheese then onion, capsicum, pineapple, ham and whatever else you like, you can throw together a cheap takeaway meal in minutes.

2.) Re-invent meals

Use your Thermomix to turn leftovers into new meals. Mix up a pie crust in your Thermomix then fill it with leftover bolognese, curry or an assortment of veggies that need to be used and eggs. Alternatively, make a pizza dough and use leftover meats such as roast chicken, sausage or ham as the toppings or fold the pizza in half before cooking, pinch the edges together and have calzones.
Leftover soups can be turned into risottos in minutes with your Thermomix. Use the soup instead of stock. If you have leftover risotto make arancini balls (you can make breadcrumbs in seconds in your Thermomix) and you’ve got a tasty new meal when served with salad or vegetables.
By turning leftovers into new meals you can make your food bill stretch and often save a few weekly shops over the course of a year.

3.) Peanut butter or almond meal

Both of these can get expensive, especially if bought from health food stores. All natural peanut butter can be made for a fraction of store price in seconds, while almond meal works out to be half the price when you make it yourself in the Thermomix.

4.) Cater to allergies

According to various studies, it costs families an extra $3,000 per year to live according to a gluten free diet. With a Thermomix you can make rice flour, almond meal, chickpea flour and other gluten free flours in seconds, make bread, pizza dough and other options for less than their store bought counterparts.

Make your own cereals and breakfast mixes, stock, yoghurt, cheese and many more foods. If you are a family with allergies, it’s likely you can make back the cost of your Thermomix within a year!

5.) Gourmet sorbet

At $5 to $10 for a tub of nice sorbet, this is one area you can save fast with your Thermomix. Using fruits like berries, lemons, pineapple or mangoes which you can often get in bulk from markets, some ice and sugar you can have delicious sorbet in seconds or under $1! 

6.) Improved health and nutrition

It is easier to eat healthy with a Thermomix, less takeaway and more options to make your own foods, a plethora of protein and nutrient packed recipes online means many families have increased energy, lose weight and reduce their overall health costs.

7.) Save time

Time is money, right? Thermomix recipes take a fraction of the time of traditional recipes resulting in more time for you to do whatever you like. Since most people find they don’t have enough time to do all they need to do, saving hours on cooking times each week can mean they either have more family time or they have the time to put towards making money on the side. If you saved 3 hours of cooking time every week and found a way to make $25 an hour on the side, that would be $3,900 extra a year you would have!

While it might not be a lot, every reduction on your electrical bills help. Thermomixes take less time to do everything, use less electricity and can reduce your electrical bill slightly.

How do you save money with your Thermomix?

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Comments (5)
- March 9, 2017 at 10:49 am Reply

Almond milk and yoghurt are my main savers!!

- May 30, 2017 at 9:57 am Reply

Almond milk can be so expensive (and often not great quality). I have made cashew milk too when I have been in a hurry and didn’t have time to strain etc. The cashews are so soft they just become part of the mixture.

- May 6, 2017 at 4:51 am Reply

I make our own washing powder, deodorant, gumption type replacement etc 🙂 Just for some outside the box things!

- May 30, 2017 at 9:56 am Reply

These are great ideas Jade! I would love to know your Gumption type replacement 🙂

- October 2, 2017 at 2:57 pm Reply

Power savings are a big one, I have a customer who said she made an effort to just cook using her thermomix and barbeque (no stove/oven), for a few months and saved $300 on power bills for that quarter, and that was the only change she had made.

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