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How to stick to your meal plan

How to stick to your meal plan

Do you find yourself using the ThermoHub meal plan or creating your own and yet you still can’t seem to stick to it?

Creating your Thermomix meal plan is one step, generating your shopping list based on the meal plan (easy to do with ThermoHub) and making sure you have everything you need are all great, but if you don’t stick to your meal plan, it’s a waste!

5 tips to help you stick to your meal plan

1.) Make your meal plan suit your lifestyle

ThermoHub gives you a meal plan for your Thermomix each week you can customise to suit the meals your family loves.  Try it for just 99 cents for 2 weeks. Planning meals you enjoy is one part of a meal plan. Planning around your lifestyle and weekly activities is an important yet often missed step in meal planning.

What hours are you working this week? Are there any events in the evenings, kids after school activities, family commitments etc. Some days you probably only have 20 minutes to throw a meal together, other days you have more time. Plan quick meals on days you don’t have much time or cook ahead and reheat meals on those nights.

2.) Cook double batches

Curries, stews, pie, spaghetti bolognese and many other meals can be cooked in bulk batches, eating half now and freezing the other half for later. If you want to do this, ThermoHub makes converting a recipe easy, allowing you to know exactly how much you need of everything and adding it to your shopping list.

If you make double batches of meals and freeze one, over time you will have a variety of meals you can defrost and use on days you don’t have much time or don’t feel like cooking. It will save hundreds on takeaway food!

3.) Make it easy

Meal planning doesn’t need to be elaborate. Pick meals you like using ingredients which are in season. Plan the meals around your activities and use a tool such as ThermomHub to drag and drop everything into your meal plan.

4.) Use what you have

Do you have meals cooked sitting in the freezer? Use some of them this week to reduce what you need to do. Use up the sad looking veggies in a soup or stew, don’t let apples go to waste if they aren’t getting eaten, instead try any of these recipes. Learn to substitute ingredients as well. For example, most oils can be used in place of each other, pears and apples can often be used instead of each other, tinned veggies or lentils can be used instead of dry or frozen etc.

5.) Keep it where you’ll see it

Print a copy to keep on your fridge so the kids aren’t asking “What’s for dinner?” twenty times a day in a whiny voice. Alternatively, have it on your phone or on the computer so anyone can see it. Having it in front of your or easy to access makes you more likely to use it.

What tips do you have for sticking to your meal plan?

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Try ThermoHub now for just 99cents for 2 weeks. Get customisable meal plans, create your shopping list based on your meal plan and save yourself time and money!


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