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Snowball – A Christmas in July Cocktail

Snowball – A Christmas in July Cocktail

We are getting ready for Christmas in July at ThermoHub and over the next few days we will be releasing a four course Christmas in July meal plan that is Thermomix friendly! Make sure you sign up to our Newsletter here if you would like a copy.  Last blog we shared an eggnog recipe (which you can checkout here) so this time round we are showing how, with your eggnog and the addition of two ingredients you have a refreshing cocktail, perfect for starting off your festivities.

This little number is called a Snowball and is really simple. Besides making your eggnog in your Thermomixer, which you can do ahead of time, this cocktail is so easy you can give your thermie a rest or set it to work on your next course!


Serves 2

150 ml Chilled Eggnog
0.5 Lime (juiced)
150 ml Sparkling Lemonade
4 Cocktail (glazed) Cherries


  1. Pour the chilled eggnog into a glass of choice. A martini glass or champagne flute looks great.
  2. Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice to each glass before topping the glass with the lemonade.
  3. Thread two cherries onto a tooth pick and use to mix in the lime juice and lemonade.
  4. Enjoy!


  • You can give your Snowball an extra ‘kick’ by adding 30ml (a nip) of cognac to the eggnog (mix well before pouring into the glasses)
  • You can pop your pre-made bottle of eggnog in the freezer to help it chill faster. It won’t freeze due to the alcohol content.
  • You can of course make more (or less) of these yummy cocktails by halving or increasing the ingredients as needed.


After more Christmas in July ideas? How about a complete Christmas in July meal plan you can do in your Thermomix? Sign up for ThermoHub’s free newsletter here and be the first to get a copy.

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