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Thermomix Abbreviations

Thermomix Abbreviations

If you have been using your Thermomix for a while chances are you know all the tricky Thermomix Abbreviations. But as a Thermomix newbie, it can be a little overwhelming trying to wrap your head around them all!

I just spent my first week with my Thermomix and it involved numerous (almost daily) frantic calls to my Thermie veteran friend to check what things meant!

Here are some of the key Thermomix abbreviations I came across during my first week:

Thermomix Abbreviations

Varoma = Steaming attachment that is used to steam vegetables, fish or meat. It is the large great 3.3 Litre oval bowl with insertable tray and lid. As an additional tip I learnt you need to make sure that things aren’t packed too tightly into the base, as the steam needs space to move circulate in order to cook the food.

Steaming temp =  You find your steaming temp (which usually goes with the above mentioned varoma) by turning the middle temperature dial all the way up past 120 degrees, until it says Varoma. Some recipes refer to this as the steaming temp whilst others will call it varoma temp.

Measuring cup (MC) = this is the clear measuring cup that goes in the little round hole in your Thermomix’s grey lid. Some recipes require you to put the measuring cup on and some will advise to leave it off. NEVER use anything else to cover fill the hole in your lid. If you lose or break your MC you can easily order a replacement from the Thermomix website for around $15.

Sanftrührstufe Stir  = The stirring function is the gentlest stirring setting and allows you to stir, without further chopping the items in your bowl . This can be used from gently warming up baby food to stirring meat for a stir fry. It is one tiny turn of the speed dial and is the very first option

Reverse function Linkslauf  = Your Thermomix blade has two sides, a sharp and a blunt. Enabling reverse activates the blades to move in the opposite direction, using the blunt side of your blade. This prevents the contents of your bowl from being chopped or turned to moosh. This is particularly useful with things like risotto and is often used in conjunction with the stir function, mentioned above. The reverse function is found under the speed dial.

Kneading and Turbo Teigstufe = Ok so this one is a little odd as there are in fact two functions hidden in this button. The first is kneading, which is essential for breads and pizza doughs. Kneading sends the blade in one direction for a few rotations and then back in the opposite direction. Towards the end of your kneading time things can get a little rocky. There have been horror stories of Thermomixs’ walking off the kitchen bench as they gather momentum! So this is the one and only time you need to babysit your Thermie while it is doing it’s thing.

The second function you will find under this button option is Turbo, which is essentially high powered pulsing . It is super powerful and you have a choice of 0.5 seconds, 1 second or 2 seconds bursts of power!

Simmering Basket = the basket that sits inside your Thermomix, on top of the blades.

Butterfly = this is a whisk which attaches to the Thermomix blade. It doesn’t ‘lock in’ as such but sits flush against the blades to whip. The maximum speed for this attachment is 4 – any higher and apparently your butterfly can pop off and get chopped …ekkk!

That’s a lot to wrap your head around right? Bookmark this blog post for future reference and in no time at all I am sure we will be kickin’ it like Thermie Veterans ourselves.

Your fellow newbie,
Nicole xx


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