Thermomix Weight Loss Challenge and Meal Plan (week 3) - ThermoHub

Thermomix Weight Loss Challenge and Meal Plan (week 3)

Thermomix Weight Loss Challenge and Meal Plan (week 3)

I am writing this final wrap up of my Thermomix Weight Loss Challenge with one foot all but on the plane. Those of you who have followed from week one will know that we are off on a family holiday to South Africa. This trip (and a little black cossie) was my initial inspiration to lose a couple of kg’s before we left town.

If you missed week one’s meal plan, find it here

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The Results Are In!

I lost another 0.5kg this week, bringing my three week weight loss grand total to 2.2kg. Yipee!! I went shopping for some last minute travel clothes yesterday and was comfortably back in the size 12-14 range. It put a huge smile on my face as I realised how my small effort to monitor what I ate was totally worth it 😊

The Meal Plan

Day 15

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets (with Kale Coleslaw)

This recipe is on the ThermoHub FB group – under Day 15 – Weight Loss Challenge.

Calories – 429
Protein- 37
Carbs – 41g
Fats – 13g
Day 19

Skinnymixer’s Chunky (quick and low calorie) Bolognese

(served over zoodles)

Calories – 239
Protein – 26g
Carbs – 9g
Fats  – 9g
Day 16

Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup Quirky Cooking


Calories – 318
Protein – 22g
Carbs – 26g
Fats – 15g

Day 20

ThermoHub’s Salmon, Garlic and Ginger Stir Fry. 
**This recipe is available to ThermoHub members.

Calories – 392
Protein -26g
Carbs – 48g
Fats – 15g
Day 17

Thai Beef Salad
Cooking with Tenina


Calories -338
Protein – 25g
Carbs  – 29g
Fats  – 13g

Day 21

Chicken Basil
**I follow Tenina’s Beef Basil replace, just replacing with chicken.
Cooking with Tenina

(served with Slendier konjac rice)

Calories – 316

Protein- 17g
Carbs –  7g
Fats – 1g

Day 18

(Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup)
Quirky Cooking

Calories – 318

Protein – 22g
Carbs – 26g
Fats – 15g


So What Exactly Did I Do? 

I stuck to a calorie budget of 1500 calories as a maximum, I could go lower, though not by a lot but I tried my hardest to not go higher.

I aimed for 120g  protein a day and then ate whatever I felt like to fill up the rest of my calories. Obviously the smarter my choices, the more I got to eat on any given day. I was not restricted to salads and super low carb veggies, I certainly had those but I could also have chips and gravy with my steak. The only thing I needed to do was make sure it all fit within my calorie budget for the day and ensure that I hit 120g of protein.

I also aimed for between 20 and 30g of fibre a day and at least 2 Litres of water to help me fire on all pistons.

I tracked all of this on MyFitnessPal, whilst using ThermoHub to source my meals, create my meal plans and have my shopping lists instantly created. ThermoHub also has low calorie options and ideas, which are very helpful. A suggested replacement of coconut cream for coconut flavoured evaporated milk is the difference between having your sauvignon blanc and drinking it too!


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