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Thermomix Weight Loss Meal Plan (week 2)

Thermomix Weight Loss Meal Plan (week 2)

Looking for a Thermomix meal plan to help you lose weight?

Welcome to week 2’s calorie controlled meal plan! If you are following on from week 1,  I hope that you have had awesome results and are ready for more! I’d love to hear how you have gone (or if you have any questions) so let me know in the comments below or over in the ThermoHub FB group.

In a nutshell I follow what is called flexible eating. It takes away the stigma of good and bad foods, the body doesn’t know that it is an apple or a mars bar you are eating, it recognises the food in terms of protein, carbs and fats and uses the associated calories with these. This therefore is what flexible eating focuses on.

This method really works for me as I don’t feel hemmed in or like certain foods or drinks are off limits. I am someone who needs to know that if I want a glass of wine I can have it, without ruining my entire week’s efforts.

So what do I actually do?

I stick to a calorie of 1500 calories as a maximum, I can go lower, though not a lot but I cannot go higher.

I aim for 120g  protein a day and then I eat whatever I like to fill up the rest of my calories. Obviously the smarter my choices, the more I get to eat on any given day. I am not restricted to salads and super low carb veggies, I can certainly have those (and I do) but I can also have chips and gravy with my steak. The only thing I need to do is make sure it all fits within my calorie budget for the day and ensure that I hit 120g of protein.

I do also aim for between 20 and 30g of fibre a day and at least 2 Litres of water so I can be firing on all pistons.

I track all of this on MyFitnessPal, whilst using ThermoHub to source my meals, create my meal plans and have my shopping lists instantly created. ThermoHub also has low calorie options and ideas, which are very helpful. A suggested replacement of coconut cream for coconut flavoured evaporated milk is the difference between having your cake and eating it too!

The Week That’s Been …

Another week of delicious Thermomix meals made and eaten and another 0.9kg gooonneee! This brings my weight loss grand total to 1.7kgs over the past 2 weeks! I must say I am pretty happy with that and how easy it has been.          If you missed it, you can check out week one’s meal plan here.

I had high hopes of getting to the gym and putting in a few big work outs … Ummm yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead my dog has gone for a few walks and the kids and I have enjoyed the warmer mornings and walked to school.

I remember reading somewhere that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise and this is because it is so much easier to remove 300 calories from our diet with thoughtful eating than it is to burn that same 300 calories through physical output. So I really focused on sticking to my meal plan and I am thrilled with my 0.9kg loss!

The Meal Plan

Day 8


(Skinnymixer’s All in One Sausage Dinner)

Calories – 541
Protein  – 22g
Carbs – 35g
Fats – 38
Day 12

Chicken Pasta with Zoodles

Calories – 211
Protein – 8.85g
Carbs – 19.8g
Fats – 11.5g
Day 9

Skinnymixer’s Hasselback Pizza Chicken

Calories – 253
Protein – 43.9g
Carbs – 3.2g
Fats – 8.7g
Day 13

Leftovers (Hasselback Pizza Chicken)

Calories – 253
Protein – 43.9g
Carbs -3.2g
Fats – 8.7g
Day 10

Budget Meatballs with Sweet Potato Pillows The4Blades

Calories – 405
Protein – 33.9g
Carbs – 62.7g
Fats – 6.5g
Day 14

Honey Soy Salmon Varoma Style

Calories – 528
Protein – 34g
Carbs – 62g
Fats – 15g
Day 11

Pizza Bianca

Calories – 490
Protein – 13.6g
Carbs – 72g
Fats – 15g


Following a meal plan doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. We eat leftovers, it makes a crazy night easy and reduces our waste. It also means that every meal is portioned out correctly and we are not just eating food because it is there. Even if there is only enough to make one other meal, I keep those single meals and then it becomes a snatch and grab affair to see who gets what.


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