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Top 10 Thermomix Lunchbox Ideas

Top 10 Thermomix Lunchbox Ideas

School holidays are over again and it’s back to school, which means lunchboxes! Like most parents we are always looking for new ideas that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy! And for added peace of mind we are always on the lookout for ways to add quality nutrition during the school day!

The ThermoHub team has picked some of our favourite lunch box recipes that will fuel our kiddies growing minds and active bodies. We have you covered from savoury muffins with hidden veggies to something a little cheeky with all natural marshmallows!

The favourite here at ThermoHub is the Magic Bean Cake which is gluten free, nut free, easily made dairy free and is high in protein and fibre. Our kids devoured it!


Here are our favourite Lunchbox Ideas!

  1. Lunchbox Friendly Savoury Muffins by ThermoBliss 
  2. Cheesy Cauliflower Pesto Bites by The Annoyed Thyroid
  3. SAO Crackers by ThermOMG
  4. Thermobexta’s Spinach and Three Cheese Rolls
  5. Skinnymixers Lunchbox Meatballs
  6. Magic Bean Chocolate Cake from The Recipe Community
  7. Fruit Filled Scrolls by ThermoVixen
  8. Sugar Free Fig and Banana Bread by ThermoKitchen
  9. Easy Marshmallows: Honey Sweetened and All Natural by Quirky Cooking
  10. Poppyseed and Lemon Biscuits with Lemon Sugar by Thermovixens



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