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Top 5 Thermomix recipes for beginners

Top 5 Thermomix recipes for beginners

Are you new to Thermomixing or just in a rutt and lost your Thermo Mojo? Then these top 5 Thermomix recipes for beginners is the quick start (or re-start) you have been looking for.

If you have just purchased your Thermomix it is not unusual to be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, you have after all just spent $2000 on a kitchen appliance. Common questions at this point are:

  • Will I use it enough?
  • What will I make?
  • Will everyone eat what make?
  • What if I don’t enjoy using it?
  • There are so many recipes, where do I start?

To help kick you off to a successful start using your Thermomix we have picked a few family favourite and kid approved recipes. They are easy to make, taste delicious and will have you feeling like a thermo master chef in no time!

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Let’s Get Started With the Basics

The first place you will likely start is a stock paste with your consultant. Stock pastes are awesome, will literally last months and you will use them a lot, like way more than you can imagine! 90% of all Thermomixer recipes will call for stock paste. In your Basic Cookbook you can find the vegetable stock paste on page 62, the beef stock paste on page 64 and the chicken stock paste on page 66. Skinnymixers has a stock pastes as well, which is used as the base for either  a vegetable, meat or chicken stock as well.

  1. Skinnymixers Compliant Stock Concentrate

Top 5 Thermomix Recipes for Beginners

  1. From your BCB – You can’t go past the Basic Cookbooks Beef Stroganoff  (page 151) as a great starter recipe. It’s a family favourite in our house!
  2. While you are in there, another one that never fails to please is the Basic Cookbooks Creamy Tomato and Salami Fettucine (page 120)
  3. For those ready to venture away from guided cooking and the BCB, you have to try Skinnymixers Grain Free Chicken Parmie
  4. Looking for a little Asian inspiration that is set to impress? The 4 Blades Mongolian Beef is so easy & delicious! Serve it with steamed rice and a side of stir fried Asian greens.
  5. Now that the weather is warming up a light summer salad like Quirky Cookings Chicken Pesto Pasta Salad is another dish set to impress and is a great to take along to a BBQ.


For more great ideas about what to make as a Thermomix newbie check out our blog post here!

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