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Top tips for a healthy lifestyle on a budget from Mel at Healing Gracie’s Gut

Top tips for a healthy lifestyle on a budget from Mel at Healing Gracie’s Gut

Today we have a guest post from Mel of Healing Gracie’s Gut.

“Healing Gracie’s Gut shares our family journey to heal our daughter’s gut after being diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome from numerous food intolerances. I share recipes, health tips and interviews along the way. You can find out more at Healing Gracie’s Gut.

Over the past few years, my family and I transitioned to a healthier, wholesome way of eating. The combination of my own health issues with an autoimmune condition plus issues with high insulin levels forced our family to rethink how and what we eat. However, the biggest influence on our way of eating was due to my daughter, Gracie, being diagnosed with numerous food intolerances.

Having a child with food intolerances means that we rarely eat out (well that saves us some money!) and that we cook and bake everything from scratch. We hardly ever have anything out of a packet, which in hindsight has been a blessing!

I understand it can feel overwhelming when you transition to a healthier way of eating and unless there is a medical reason, my advice is to take slow baby steps. We are all time poor as well as trying to save money along the way, so some small changes to the way you shop can have a big impact on your family’s health as well as saving time and money.

My top tips are:

● Write a list
It’s very simple, but before you go shopping sit down and write out a list of what you need and stick to it! This will stop you buying things you don’t need which in turn saves you money in the long run!
● Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry!
Yes, it’s a thing and you will end up spending more money!
● Try to only buy produce in season.
Explore your local farmer’s markets. Not only will it be better quality, you will most likely save yourself some money! If you shop in a supermarket try and stick to only purchasing Australian grown produce that again is in season.
● Buying the cheaper cuts of meats.
Cheaper cuts of meat like chuck and gravy beef make great stews.
● Buy organic or grass fed.
Budget dependent of course, but when you can try and purchase organic or grass fed or pasture raised meat and eggs.
● Batch cook and freeze.
Many people do a lot of their meal preparation on a Sunday and portion and freeze. Owning a Thermomix makes this quick and easy.
● Familiarise yourself with nutritional labels.
If it’s a food you are intending to give to a child, ensure that the sodium and sugar levels aren’t too high. Eat For Health is a great resource.

Another part of transitioning to a healthier way of eating is looking at how you prepare your meals and ways of making recipes healthier.

My top tips are:
● Try to reduce the number of foods you fry and look at baking instead.
● Pad out your meals with more vegetables and fewer grains.
● Choose leaner cuts of meat.
● Reduce/remove the need for refined sugar and look for healthier and more natural alternatives such as honey, dates, maple syrup.
● Reduce or even remove salt and up the flavour with herbs and spices. Children should not be having added salt to their meals at all.
● Look at replacing your usual plain flour and go for a variety of healthier and more nutritious options; Spelt, Buckwheat, Almond and Coconut Flour are fantastic alternatives, many of which can be easily made in your Thermomix.

As you can see some minor changes can make a big difference to your health and pocket. Have fun with it and try and get the whole family involved to make the transition easier! Also check out our post about How to Eat Healthy on a Budget!


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