What is ThermoHub? Life is too short to be lost in cookbooks

What is ThermoHub?

What is ThermoHub?

Life is too short to be lost in cookbooks and behind your computer screen. At ThermoHub we are passionate about helping you enjoy life, not just organise it.

What is ThermoHub? ThermoHub is a complete and flexible meal planning system that takes care of it all, from start to finish.

“Our goal and passion is to create extra hours for busy people by radically changing the way meal planning is done, allowing them to focus on what is really important.” 


We have over 1000 Thermomixing recipes all in the one centralised location. Why? Because we are all about saving you time! We have done the sourcing and recipe collating for you! That said, you can also add recipes from anywhere! There is even have a non-food category for all of your cleaning, body and beauty products.

We currently collaborate with over 40 recipe developers to bring you a full range of the best Thermomixer recipes and to provide you with complete choice. Also included is a comprehensive break down of nutritional information (calories, carbs, protein, fat and fibre), allowing you access to key information at a glance.

We believe that flexibility is a key component to being organised in today’s high paced life. This is why our meal plans and shopping list are as flexible as you need them to be. A suggested meal plan is provided for you each week that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

The shopping list is responsive to the meals on your planner, automatically adding and deleting items, saving you valuable time whilst ensuring you are shopping for exactly what you need.

We would be honoured to help you on your mission to reduce the stress and reclaim your time and freedom.

Keen to see if ThermoHub can help you? Check us out with our special 2 week trial for just 99 cents.

So how was ThermoHub created?

As a wife, mum of two little people and working full time as an Assistant Principal, I was busy! Whilst I enjoyed cooking I resented (and dare I say HATED) that I had to find at least another hour in my week for meal planning and shopping list writing!

I struggled to find time during the week, so meal planning was usually done on a Saturday morning. It was mental, I’m talking a mad frenzy with everyone under my feet. The weekend was meant to be my down time, my time to recover from the week and reconnect with my family and friends. It just wasn’t happening and life was chaotic! How did I get so busy?

 I needed a break or someone to help but we couldn’t justify the $40+ an hour for a cleaner. So we just kept on doing what we were doing.


It would get better soon right? But it didn’t  – it got worse. My husband was diagnosed with cancer at 29  years old and our world was turned upside down. It also saw a complete shift in our focus and what we valued.

Thankfully my husband won his battled and recovered. Despite our new focus and values, life still needed to be lived and things still needed to be done. I was talking to a girlfriend about how crazy busy it all was and how things that should be easy, like putting a decent meal on the table was so time consuming and hard. She was in total agreement.

It was across her kitchen bench, with a wine in hand that the idea of ThermoHub was born. We talked about the things we thought would make meal planning easy and more importantly fast!  I left that conversation on a high thinking “how good would that be, I would save so much time! Someone should do that!”
Over the next few days I just couldn’t shake the idea and I felt compelled to look into creating this system, not just for me but for my friends and their friends, for you.


My life experience has taught me that the things we take for granted can be taken away in an instant. Therefore I was (and still am) very passionate about people living their life to the full and enjoying it – not just organising it! Better still, I could see a way of helping people to move towards and achieve this goal by changing the way they did just one thing, meal planning.


I also wanted it to be affordable and available to everyone. I didn’t want there to be any reason (like us not being able to justify the cost of a cleaner) for people to not get the help they needed and deserved. That is why you will find ThermoHub priced around just $2 a week. I am determined to offer sensational value and provide an affordable way for you to reclaim your time. Whether you decide to join ThermoHub or not, live your life on purpose and to the full. Free yourself where possible, make life easy and enjoy.





Keen to see if ThermoHub can help you? Check us out with our special 2 week trial for just 99 cents.

Manage your subscription at anytime and no lock in contracts.


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- February 23, 2018 at 5:50 pm Reply

Just wonder why I can’t change or look up recipes? I am looking for a curried sausage recipes.

- February 23, 2018 at 5:59 pm Reply

Hi Alyson,
Thank you for letting us know that you are having issues. You should most certainly be able to change recipes around and search through our database of over 1000 recipes.
Can you please send me a quick email at Kathryn.carmont@thermohub.com and I will help you to sort this out xx

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